Chromesthesia: Sound-to-color

Chromesthesia is a type of Synesthesia — the perception of at least two stimuli from different modalities in one experience. It evokes an experience of sound in movement, shape and color. Synesthesia is a special neurological condition by which very few people are diagnosed with it. These people tend to become artists who try to evoke synesthetic experiences in the non-synesthetes.
This visual artwork, titled "Chromesthesia: Sound-to-color" is my first fusion of different modalities in one experience. This short audiovisual artwork consists of 102 processed photos of the same photograph of light and reflection taken by my digital camera. The difference between each photo is 10°K of temperature. The temperature goes from warm to cold and then back to warm. The audio is one of the stems of a piece of music that I'm currently working on.

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