Curves were my experimentation for my new photography of the city of Byblos, focusing on making highlights more visible and simulating as how they would look if darkness was not dark.

When trying to increase highlights in a dark-surrounding image, the image gets sharper and noise grains appear. In my photography, I intentionally kept the noise grains for ambient purposes.

Noise grains penetrate through impressions to give them an unclear image of how the photos adjust to the real world, which makes the photo a powerful ambient piece of art.

The last four pictures of Byblos are a bonus addition to this collection.

Byblos, Lebanon, is considered to be one of the world's oldest inhabited cities, and was a part of around 10 civilizations. It was the city where the alphabet was first written. The archaeological sites of Byblos in this collection were Byblos Souks and ruins of the Byblos Port.

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