Quality time shot in memorable colors.
"Amchit" is a place in my country, Lebanon, that holds a special place in my heart for its tranquil scene and for the memories. Such places should be brought to life in silent pictures.
The moment I started on Behance, scrolling through different projects, I was inspired by some that included attractive colors, and others that included appreciation for places. This photo I shot was a combination for both colors and places. This place added to the colors and the colors brought this place into life.
It always looks like summer with the red color in fresh drinks.
The scenery photo is enough to represent the normal tradition of how Lebanese spend their time in such luxury. The 'Hooka' is one of the Lebanese essentials. 
This photo was the fastest decisive one I have ever taken. I didn't recognize the woman passing by right here until she appeared in my camera frame and I immediately captured the moment. This fast decision was for how I imagined it would look like and for how random and rare would a ship and a familiar winter-sea style of a person get all together in one scene. I never took a spontaneous object-place-man photo before but I've always imagined such scenes and always wanted to capture them.
She kept on looking at the ship for quite long and I thought it would perfectly fit in a meaningful deep photo. Any possible related caption is perfect and accurate.
And then she moves on, holding her eyes away from the ship, as we all go on with our lives getting over our past hardships.
So yeah, photos are not silent. Anything around has something to be spoken, you just have to look in it, and make it alive.

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