Abstraction and Surrealism in the Architecture of Beirut, Lebanon.
The abstract sense and the surreal existence of the architectural spaces in Hamra Street located inside the city of Beirut, Lebanon. Beirut is well known for its archaeological heritage and abandoned sights. Most of these sights are endangered to be demolished, utilizing the spaces for Real Estate, when in fact the archeological heritage could become the government's property and empower tourism in Lebanon which could generate millions of profit for a country falling in an economic crisis. Yet, the failure of the government gives the complete control to authorities of powerful businesses to destroy the cultural heritage of Lebanon. Therefore, these sights could only beg for revival through the distinct memories of the Lebanese and through whoever looks at these photographs.

Begging for revival, these sights no longer stand the way they did, and with the danger of demolition, they might only exist in an a surreal nostalgia.

Between these urban spaces, it was quite interesting to locate a modern architecture in the streets of Hamra; that red building (see photos below) which I call Abstract. Next to the surreal world of the archaeological heritage lies a modern world of abstraction, which suggests modernization in attempts of reforming Beirut. 

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